Personal Drivers.
Designated Personal Driver & Chauffeur Services

If you can’t agree on who is the designated driver for your next event, just hire one. Contact  Lyberi to hire a personal driver to take you where you need to go, in your own car. If you’ve already driven somewhere and can’t drive home, a team of two drivers will be dispatched to get you and your car home safely.

Live the experience of a personalized driver or chauffeur while in the comfort of your own car. The service is appropriate for all kinds of occasions: medical appointments, the grocery store, meetings, sporting events, the airport, etc.

Book a personal driver in advance to meet you at your location.

Relax in your vehicle as our driver takes you to your destination (s) and then waits with your vehicle while you enjoy your time.

When you’re ready, return to your vehicle and allow the driver to safely transport you back to your original location.

Our designated driver service offers our clients the flexibility to visit multiple destinations in the city and, above all, offers peace of mind. Let us drive and park while you focus on making the most of your time.

We offer this service in Miami, Ford Lauderdale and Orlando

** Personal driver service or chauffeur service (minimum reservation of 3 hours, any car)

  • Weekdays $ 25 per hour
  • Midweek night $ 35 per hour
  • Weekend $ 45 per hour
  • Christmas and New Years $ 150 per hour
  • Clients are responsible for all expenses incurred during a reservation. This includes but is not limited to: tolls, gas, parking, etc.
  • Additional fees apply if waiting time exceeds 15 minutes
  • Prices vary by city.
  • Regular price may be temporarily increased for special events
  • All of our drivers are verified: driving record – criminal record – drug test – assigned full or part time


  • Prevent accidents and possible DUIs.
  • Enjoy your night or event without worrying about how to get home or work.
  • Avoid having to pick up your car the next day, lest something happens to it.
  • Let everyone in your group have fun without the responsibility of being the designated driver.
  • Have the possibility to be free and without setbacks.

A team of drivers will arrive, one to operate your vehicle and the other to follow. You and your car will be taken safely home.

$ 25.00 Car pick-up + Mile + 1 hour of service $ 35
$ 3.50 / Mile

Pick up You & Your Vehicle

If you’ve already driven somewhere and decide for whatever reason that you shouldn’t drive home, Lyberi pickup service is the solution.

Give us the responsibility to make sure you and your car get home safely so that you can continue to enjoy your time. Once you’ve made your decision, make a reservation and a team of two drivers will be dispatched to take you and your car home.

One of our highly skilled and personable drivers will drive you home in his car. The second driver will remain in the car the two drivers will arrive in so that he / she can pick up his driver when he reaches his destination.

Drivers are hired independently and are not immediately available. Allow at least 6 hours notice for best results. Considering that one can cancel an existing reservation up to just two hours before the scheduled pick-up time at no charge, customers are advised to make reservations as far in advance as possible for best results.


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